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Ultra high-pressure unit 1500 bar, mass-produced since 2009. It has a rich equipment. This unit is highly appreciated by contruction and repair companies and other renovation and bridge facilities.

Engine Data:
Yanmar 3,3 l (turbocharged) 37 kW
Fuel / fuel tank diesel / 50 l
Combustion at max. pressure about 6 l / h
Working pressure 1500 bar
Engine rounds pre minute 1500 rpm
Pump water flow efficiency / pump rounds pre minute 13 l/min. / 1500 rpm
Nozzle size 014
Gun recoil force at max. pressure 118 N
Acoustic pressure level 95 (A)
Water connection:
Water inflow temperaturey – max. 50 °C
Water inflow quantity – minimum 800 l/h
Water inflow pressure – recommended 5 bar
Length x width x height (mm) 1500 x 800 x 1100
Weight (without accessories) 700 kg

Standard equipment:

  • 1500 bar rotating nozzle
  • 1500 bar lance, 80 cm long with connectors
  • guard of the lance with a grip
  • 1500 bar gun handle with connectors
  • 1500 bar ultra high-pressure hose, DN08, 20 m long
  • water filters with filter cartridges: 80 microns and 20 microns
  • valve venting the suction line
  • pressure safety valve
  • pressure water inflow sensor
  • counter of the unit’s working time
  • oil for the engine for the first exchange
  • oil for the pump’s oil sump for the first exchange



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