About Us

Wemaa is a polish leading manufacturer of high-pressure water jet units. We are a supplier of high-pressure pumps and high-pressure units for other professional companies .

We mass-produce the high-pressure units from 500 bar to 1000 bar and the ultra high-pressure units (UHP) from 1500 bar to 2800 bar.

Apart from mass production we also undertake individual projects for the industrial market. Parameters of pressure in these units in comparison to the mass produced units are lower (100 - 300 bar), while the parameters of water flow are much higher (100 - 500 l / min).

As a result of twenty years of experience in designing and building the high-pressure units, we have managed to create a series of very high quality products with long periods of trouble-free operation.

The quality of our products is also higly appreciated by our business partners from Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Since year 2007 we are selling half of our high-pressure units in segment of 500 – 1500 bar.

Dear Customers, by selecting our products you receive one of the highest quality units available on the market.


We are offering:

  • high-pressure units 500 - 1000 bar,
  • ultra high-pressure units (UHP) 1500 - 2800 bar,
  • industrial cleaning units,
  • pressure bare shaft pumps,
  • high-pressure bare shaft pumps,
  • high-pressure accessories.


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