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Multi-point rotary head

Catalog number: 7860301

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Rotary multi-point nozzles transform the high efficiency of rotary single-point nozzles into acreage efficiency thanks to the rotating nozzle heads.
Various nozzle configurations and adjustable speeds open up many possibilities for surface treatment. The light and compact design of the head also allows you to work in hard-to-reach places. The advantage of the MASTERJET head is the possibility of ongoing control of the cleaning results.
From gentle cleaning to strong removal.
To achieve the appropriate level of surface preparation, two different stages of work can be performed, independently of each other.

Option 1:

The multi-point head can then be equipped with 2 or 4, 3 or 6 nozzles depending on the nozzle holder.

Option 2:

The rotational speed can be adjusted independently of the nozzle configuration by simply moving the outer sleeve (magnetic brake).
Various MASTERJET nozzle configurations allow the use of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 nozzle inserts.
The head offers this it has a wide range of possible applications and proves to be an exceptional all-rounder in practice.
The rule here is: the more nozzles, the more force is distributed over the treated surface.
The amount of water is evenly distributed over the number of nozzles inserts. With 6 inserts, a single jet exerts much less force on the target surface than with 2 nozzle inserts.
According to this principle, we can decide for ourselves what surface roughness we want to achieve.


  • Working pressure – max. 3200 bar, min. 500 bar
  • Max flow – 50 l / min.
  • Kickback force – min. 90 N / max. 130 N
  • revolutions: 1000 – 3500 rpm – 130 N
  • revolutions: 800 – 2500 rpm – 90 N.
  • Mounting 4 or 2 nozzles the nozzles, two plugs.

Nozzle type:

  • P max. 3000 bar (M10 thread), T max. 3200 bar (M10 thread),
  • 965 max. 3000 bar (M10 thread), 965-C max. 2500 bar (M10 thread).


Three levels of speed control:
– slow,
– medium,
– fast

Order no. – 7860301 entrance – 9/16 “UNF LH
Order no. – 7860300 entrance – M14

Holder 4200 bar
1500 bar overflow gun