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Point nozzle type P

Catalog number: 7900(XXX)

Present in the product

The high performance P-type sapphire nozzle is still the most popular surface treatment nozzle. This model is designed as a pointed nozzle for operating a hand lance or as an insert for a rotating nozzle for paint stripping on ships. The sapphire nozzle has a coefficient of 0.71.
The nozzle is primarily characterized by service life, performance and quality and can be used up to a working pressure of 3000 bar.
The nozzle body consists of a one-piece construction with a rolled thread and a molded hexagon socket. < br> The nozzle neck is made very precisely and perfectly concentric with the sealing lip.
The 39 ° sealing edge has no curves or double angles and has a greater wall thickness than conventional nozzles.
Therefore, there can be no deformation of the nozzle body at the edge sealing.
The heart of the nozzle is sapphire. All nozzle sapphire inserts are checked for scratches, cracks and flow.

Features and benefits:

  • Long life
  • Consistent jet quality
  • Strong and concentrated jet of water
  • High energy density needle jet
  • Easy to install and remove


  • Working pressure (bar) max. 3000
  • Temp. work (° C) max. 150
  • Tightening torque (Nm) max. 40
  • Thread diameter 10mm.
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