Since 1994, industrial cleaning equipment, high pressure pumps and accessories are our speciality. Extensive experience and close mutual cooperation with renowned manufacturers on the market of industrial equipment are the main reasons that we continue to develop our business, where professionalism is at first place.

We offer high-pressure units, as well as a wide selection of washers and pressure pumps. By selecting our equipment, every customer will meet his expectations. These are the original products, which guarantee the high quality of the whole, trouble-free life. Whether you are looking for the highest class rotary nozzles or other high pressure accessories, we will always provide them.

Since 1998, we produce high-pressure units under its own brand. They are gaining recognition in the eyes of a growing number of users. This is due to the fact that these units are reliable, which can keep your uptime for a very long time. A major advantage of our power is also high simplicity of use and the highest grade of materials used in production. We are also providing a professional maintenance service and support in genuine spare parts. We are proud to present you high-pressure units that successfully compete with similar products of foreign brands nad facilities on the market.

We offer:
  • High-pressure units
  • industrial cleaning equipment
  • pressure pumps
  • high-pressure pumps
  • pressure washers
  • high-pressure washers