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Industrial washers – Polish manufacturer of industrial washers Wemaa

We have been professionally dealing with high pressures since 1994. For the first four years, we were a representative of a well-known German company on the markets of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. After establishing the position of the company we represented in these markets, we started operating under our own brand “ Wemaa “. “ Wemaa ” is an abbreviation consisting of the name of the brand’s founder and the first names of his immediate family members. In the years 1999-2005, the company mainly built devices with a capacity of 300 and 500 bar with electric and combustion engines.

Since 2006, we have focused on devices with pressures ranging from 500 to 1500 bar. This year, we have designed and started serial production of 500 bar devices with electric and combustion engines with a power of 18.5 kW and 31 HP and a delivery rate of 18 l / min. We were the first company in the world that designed and mass-produced devices with these parameters. We presented them to the public in spring 2007 at ISSA INTERCLEAN AMSTEDRAM. For twelve years – except for short and individual cases – only we offered devices with such powers in this segment. In the years 2009-2011 we made several dozen machines with a 35 HP internal combustion engine with a capacity of 500 bar, 21 l / min.

Wemaa – manufacturer of high and ultra high pressure washers.

In 2018, we started a new chapter in designing and building our products. From this year – again as the first in the world – we offer devices with combustion engines with a capacity of 37 HP. These are 500 bar washers with a delivery rate of 25 l / min., 700 bar with an output of 18 l / min, and 1500 bar with an output of 12 l / min. At the same time, with exceptional technical parameters, we create unique devices in the class of their performance. All our series-produced devices are made of polished acid-resistant steel. The wheels are made of metal and rubber, with bearings and the rims of the wheels are steel.

We offer you:

  • high pressure washers 500 – 1000 bar
  • ultra high pressure washers (UHP) 1500 – 2800 bar
  • industrial cleaning and processing equipment with pressure up to 1500 bar and delivery rate up to 500 l / min
  • high pressure accessories up to 3000 bar

We assure you :

  • products of the highest world quality
  • spare parts for the offered devices and accessories
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • almost thirty years of experience

During all these years, in addition to serial production, we have made many non-standard machines for individual customer orders. It was, among others equipment for washing car cisterns with an output of 80 – 120 l / min., units for pressure tests up to 1500 bar and a delivery rate of up to 250 l / min, machines for steel mills, mines, power plants with high delivery costs. The last interesting project was the construction of two small mobile fire extinguishing devices in newly built skyscrapers for the State Fire Service in Warsaw. We carried out this project by building two devices with a pressure of 70 bar and expenses of 230 l / min. The devices deliver water to a height of 250 m in a few minutes, at the same time pumping 230 l / min.

The quality of our products is appreciated primarily by customers from Western Europe, Scandinavia and the USA, to whom we have been selling most of our high-pressure devices in the 500 – 15 segment since 2007