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Effortless cleaning of formwork

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Effortless cleaning of formwork

When we make formwork for our own use, there is no big problem. Of course, it happens that we want to recover all boards and stamps, because we have further construction plans. However, then a spatula, a wire brush and the strength of your hands are enough. This can be multiplied by the number of family members or friends helping with the construction and the job done. But what if cleaning the formwork is our gray, professional everyday life? If the formwork is very reusable, e.g. metal struts securing excavations or other expensive toys. If you add the daily cleaning of tools, scaffolding and other items, then you can clearly see the problem. And if the company carries out large orders and projects, it would have to employ a whole team of people whose task would be only to clean the formwork, so that they were ready for the next use. However, this work can be improved. Let’s see how.

Formwork cleaning – what equipment to use?

To make it possible to clean the formwork and clean other objects of any stubborn dirt, it is necessary to use high-pressure units that will deliver water under pressure of 2000-2500 bar. With water at this pressure, we can remove any attached dirt, including, of course, solidified concrete. You can choose from various power units, generating pressure from 150 to 2,500 bar, and only the latter allow for hydrodynamic cleaning. If necessary, you can also order an industrial high-pressure unit, which delivers water at a pressure of 2800-3000 bar. The units are available in electric and petrol versions, while the petrol ones, and thus mobile, are mounted on metal structures with rubber wheels. The aggregates are often accompanied by accessories in the form of guns, lances, heads, nozzles and hose holders. All this makes it easier for water to reach the most difficult nooks and crannies.

Cleaning formwork and more

Thanks to the availability of such a high-pressure unit and all the necessary accessories, we can not only clean the formwork. Since the company operates in the construction industry, there are many things that require not so much washing as a proper cleaning. And this is possible thanks to water under very high pressure. In this way, we will clean scaffolding, tools and containers. We will clean the tin of the car that transports all the items needed at the construction site. Everything will be like new and ready to start the next project.

In addition, it often happens that a company receives an order not for new construction, but for renovation or renovation of old surfaces. Then a power unit and water with very high pressure will also be useful. In this way, it is possible to clean corroded concrete or metal surfaces, and thus prepare them for the implementation of new concrete structures or renovation of paint coatings or application of anti-corrosion preparations.

And while free time, when the device is not used and there is capacity in the form of employees not involved in the construction site, services can be provided to companies that also have problems with stubborn dirt. Where no similar equipment has been invested, hydrodynamic cleaning will be necessary from time to time, because the solidified concrete, paint coatings or other stubborn dirt will not come off after pouring a bucket of water.

The use of hydrodynamics – high pressure cleaning
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