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From an ordinary pressure washer to industrial power packs

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From an ordinary pressure washer to industrial power packs

There are many situations when washing and cleaning equipment with water is needed. These are home and garden situations, as well as company ones. With the help of pressurized water, you can wash the car, clean the driveway, rinse the facade, remove the grill residue. In the company, thanks to it, you can keep cars in good order, rinse the floor in the warehouse hall, clean the working tank and installations. These are just examples, but the applications are enormous. There are also more serious ones, on a larger scale, i.e. waterjetting. Here jet aggregates must have correspondingly greater power and durability .

High pressure washing – benefits for companies

What are the benefits of stream aggregates ? A lot, and in general terms, they save our time, money and the natural environment. Time, as you know, pressure washing is much faster, and the effects are only one-time operation. Such an advantage can be noticed in the case of maintaining cleanliness in the company, but also when waterjetting of large surfaces is needed. Savings are achieved through better use and organization of time, but also through reducing the consumption of household or specialist chemicals. This is where the ecological aspect emerges. If you can only use pressurized water without liquid, or use waterjetting without abrasive, no harmful waste water is produced. When it comes to industrial cleaning, blast chillers offer the added benefit of eliminating waste disposal costs. Waterjetting allows you to do other work nearby, as it does not cause dust and flooding, hence saving time, and as you know, time is money.

Cleaning huge surfaces – hydroblasting

In recent years, more and more investments have been carried out, and in addition, there is more emphasis on the durability of buildings or infrastructure elements. Modern technologies have brought us many durable coatings and ways to protect concrete or metal, but before they are applied, waterjetting is necessary, i.e. cleaning the surface with a high or very high pressure water jet. Here, the main role is played by jet aggregates that can generate such water pressure. Waterjetting reaches the smallest nooks, crevices and micro-cavities. It removes old coatings, tears off loose, unconnected elements, and also increases the adhesion of the substrate. Jet units are equipped with various types of nozzles and lances to handle any surface. Jet units used in waterjetting provide water with a pressure from 1500 to 2800 bar.

Hydrodynamic cleaning in the service of large-area cleanliness
Hydrojetting in practice – pressure surface cleaning