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How to effectively clean paving stones?

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How to effectively clean paving stones?

Cobblestones are the material most often and most often used to cover driveways, paths, or even larger areas, such as squares or parking lots in cities. As with any used surface, paving stones wear out and get dirty, which makes it look unsightly. In spring, it is worth taking care of the paving stones and removing dirt from them.

Removing stubborn dirt

Cobblestones absorb dirt relatively easily. Oil stains and various kinds of dirt stick to it. Often the problem is the deposited soil, as well as mosses growing in cracks, extremely difficult to eradicate mosses and lichens, which not only look unsightly, but also cause microdamages in the structure of the cube, into which water can penetrate. This is a problem because in winter this water freezes and causes the cubes to burst, crack and crumble. Manual removal of dirt and plants is very problematic, especially in very large areas. high-pressure washers are great for cleaning paving stones quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of pressure washing

Pressurized water washing (i.e. the so-called hydroblasting ) allows you to detach various types of dirt without the need to scrubbing, rubbing or using additional chemicals. This does not create any additional problems, and the water used for cleaning does not contain harmful substances that could penetrate the ground. The water supplied from the high-pressure washer reaches all hard-to-reach places and rinses dirt from the small crevices of the cube, it also allows you to effectively get rid of onerous mosses and lichens growing in the joints. It is very convenient, requires little work, and remains effective and environmentally friendly

Possibilities offered by high pressure water
Hydromonitoring, i.e. water under really high pressure