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Hydrodynamic cleaning in the service of large-area cleanliness

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Hydrodynamic cleaning in the service of large-area cleanliness

There are places where absolute cleanliness is required and it is regularly checked by the appropriate services. This is the case wherever, for example, food products are produced or processed. Other places are, for example, factories, where the production process causes dust, and the presence of dust adversely affects human health and the quality of production results. These and many other situations require regular large-area cleaning. In such places, however, an ordinary cleaning service will not work. Other solutions are necessary and airless cleaning is ideal. For such specialized cleaning, you need an aggregate that will generate water with high or very high pressure. Such a pump is an expense that pays for itself quickly, and in addition, the device turns out to be more useful than we initially assumed. Let’s take a look at where we can apply this hydrodynamic cleaning.

Hydrodynamic cleaning – examples of applications

All companies where something is produced or processed, struggle with various types of dirt, dust, sludge and other inconvenient derivatives of activities. Other times, the activity is even based on cleaning the surface and then carrying out commissioned works on it. For small surfaces and light dirt, a standard washer and a unit supplying water up to 500 bar is useful. But there are a number of places and situations where airless cleaning is necessary and more powerful equipment is required. Some examples:

  • Installations, tanks, pipelines, silos, etc. Each production company has nooks and crannies where the side effects of the activity travel, where specific substances are kept or with which fluids necessary in the technological process are kept. These are places where deposits or even resistant coatings are formed. To remove them, hydrodynamic cleaning is used.
  • Production halls, machines. There are many production environments where a lot of dirt and dust is created in the technological process. Hydrodynamic cleaning does not damage the surface, does not cause deformations, so you can thoroughly clean walls, floors, machines and production lines.
  • Vehicle fleet. Hydrodynamic cleaning is useful for trucks and tankers transporting food products, but not only that. Every company needs to keep its fleet clean.
  • Surfaces to be renovated. Hydrodynamic cleaning gives a lot of possibilities. It can remove paint coatings, corrosion of metal or concrete, any petroleum or oil contamination. And with very high pressures, in the order of 2,500 bar, we can even remove old concrete and prepare the reinforcement for new laying.
  • Tools, scaffolding, formwork. Having an aggregate with the right power, we will clean all these things of concrete and paint residues, and thus we will prepare for the next order.

We select equipment for hydrodynamic cleaning

Wherever airless cleaning is needed, a high-pressure cleaner will be needed. Depending on the power supply options, you can choose between an electric or a combustion appliance. We can choose a stationary device, but if we plan to use the aggregate in the field, mobile versions on rubber wheels are available. Depending on the availability of the places to be cleaned, appropriate lances, guns, heads and nozzles should be selected. For example, multi-point heads or lances with adjustable angle are often useful. And finally, the most important thing, which is power. Hydrodynamic cleaning is performed with water at a pressure of 2,000 to 2,500 bar, and you need an aggregate to generate this power.

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