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Pipeline cleaning with high pressure

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Pipeline cleaning with high pressure

Whether it is the petrochemical, energy, chemical, mining or other manufacturing or processing industries, the problem is the same. It is hundreds of meters, and sometimes kilometers, of pipelines that must be unobstructed and clean. Depending on the type of dirt, you can try scouting methods, and thus cheap. However, wherever there is a lot of pipes and stubborn dirt, it is worth investing in a professional high-pressure device and training employees. Of course, you can use the services of professionals who have the appropriate knowledge and experience, but taking into account the cyclical nature of such treatments, the purchase of your own equipment will quickly pay for itself. The more that the use of a high-pressure pump is not only about cleaning the pipelines. In such a company you can find a number of other places that will need a good cleaning.

Machine plus man – effective cleaning of pipelines

Appropriate equipment and workers who will be the operators are needed for pipeline cleaning operations.

  • Operator – a person who, after training, can operate the pump, select the appropriate pressure, adjust lances, heads and other tips helpful in cleaning. He must know how the pipeline is built, where there are emergency and inspection openings, know the consistency, composition and properties of contaminants that accumulate in the pipes. Pipelines have different diameters, sometimes it is necessary for the operator to go inside. Therefore, it is imperative that he is trained in working at height, and undergoes appropriate tests. He must also be provided with an appropriate suit, mask, helmet, harness, belaying, communications and other things that will ensure work safety.
  • Device – pressure or high pressure generator. The choice depends on what pipeline to clean and what kind of dirt there is. In the case of small sections and not too difficult dirt, a unit that supplies water under pressure of up to 500 bar is enough. In combination with a hose ended with a suitable head, it is sufficient equipment to rinse such places. But what if we are dealing with technological residues, oils, petroleum fractions and other derivatives of the production process? We will still clean it with pressurized water, but you will need to buy a pressure generator. This type of pipeline cleaning requires a pressure of up to 1000 bar. However, this is not the end of the possibilities, because waterjetting, i.e. cleaning with very high pressure water – 2,000 – 2,500 bar, gives greater efficiency. Such power will be useful, for example, in the case of stuck coatings that are very resistant to removal. Currently, the range of aggregates is very wide, but you can also order a “tailor-made” device – an industrial high-pressure aggregate that will generate pressure up to 3000 bar. In addition, depending on the location of the pipeline, you can choose between electric or combustion equipment, stationary or mobile.

Pipeline cleaning – some important things

Pipeline cleaning with the use of a high-pressure unit has several significant advantages. You do not need to disassemble the installation, you only need to open the elements that allow penetration of the pipes. High water pressure allows you to remove any sticky deposits and even perfectly clean the inside of the pipes. The very cleaning of the pipelines with a professional aggregate takes a short time, does not require chemicals, and thus does not generate additional costs. The only waste from cleaning is water and loose deposits.

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