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Possibilities offered by high pressure water

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Possibilities offered by high pressure water

People have been using the power generated by flowing water for hundreds of years. However, only thanks to the invention of aggregates capable of generating a stream of very high pressure, we can fully use the power of this element.


Water helps to keep clean and fight stubborn dirt. The usual way of cleaning with water is to dissolve detergents or other cleaning agents in it to dissolve and remove dirt from the surface. However, thanks to the use of high-pressure cleaners in industry, you no longer have to rely solely on the strength of human hands and the power of corrosive detergents. High pressure water washing, i.e. hydroblasting or waterjetting, allows you to literally tear off even the most difficult dirt from the surface without damaging it. It does not cause deformations or scratches, and there is no need to use additional chemicals that are harmful to the environment and often do not comply with the hygiene standards in force in, for example, some production plants.

Breaking shells

High-pressure washers, or rather aggregates feeding water under high pressure, are not only washing but also loosening of hard-to-remove coatings. Thanks to the very high pressure (over 1000 bar), we can remove paint coatings, dried mortar (for example from formwork), rubber and bituminous surfaces, and even road markings from roads or parking lots with only water. There is no need to use caustic preparations or to employ a large group of people. A decent pressure washer and one experienced operator will suffice.

Machining of materials

Adequately high water pressure also gives possibilities that are referred to as hydromonitoring. It consists in treating materials with a jet of water. In this way, you can not only rinse the substrate, but even cut through very hard materials. Hydromonitoring is also concrete anticorrosion , because before the damaged concrete surface is properly secured, its top, weakened and damaged layer must be torn off. Water is great for this. Chipping concrete with high-pressure aggregates is also popular. The water jet works very effectively and precisely and has the advantage over the use of heavy equipment that it does not cause abnormalities.

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