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The device is custom-made by the customer

WemaaJet 15kW

15 kW electric pressure washers – WemaaJet 15kW

We make non-standard devices on individual customer orders.
These are machines made in single copies. With different technical parameters.
The common feature of the devices is engine power. For these devices, it is a 15 kW electric motor.

The name of the washerWorking pressureDelivery rate
WemaaJet 15kW150 bar50 l/min. / 3’000 l/h
WemaaJet 15kW250 bar30 l/min. / 1’800 l/h
WemaaJet 15kW300 bar25 l/min. / 1’500 l/h
WemaaJet 500c500 bar17 l/min. / 1’200 l/h
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