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The device is custom-made by the customer

WemaaJet 30kW

30 kW electric pressure washers – WemaaJet 30kW

We make non-standard devices on individual customer orders. These are single-piece machines with different technical parameters. The common feature of the devices is the engine power.
In the case of these devices, it is an electric motor with a power of 30 kW.

The name of the washerWorking pressureFlow rate
WemaaJet 30kW100 bar140 l/min. / 8’400 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW150 bar100 l/min. / 6’000 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW170 bar80 l/min. / 4’800 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW250 bar60 l/min. / 3’600 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW300 bar45 l/min. / 2’700 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW400 bar36 l/min. / 2’160 l/h
WemaaJet 30kW500 bar30 l/min. / 1’800 l/h
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