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Pressure pumps – division and application

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Pressure pumps – division and application

Every situation when we need to clean a surface means that we are looking for an appropriate method and equipment. Today, various types of washers are used on an ongoing basis, with which we treat terraces, cars, pavements, facades, greenhouses and many other surfaces. And for each application, it is necessary to choose the right pump or jet unit that will provide the right water pressure. Everything is important, power, type of power supply, accessories. This is important both when the objects are on a micro scale, e.g. in the house bypass, or when hydroblasting, i.e. industrial-scale cleaning, is necessary.

Types of pressure pumps

We need to consider what we need. First, the way of powering. You can choose electrically powered jet aggregates or, if we operate in the field without the possibility of connecting to electricity, combustion ones. While civilian washers will often have a power source nearby, hydroblasting is often performed outside and when cleaning e.g. an old bridge, combustion jet aggregates are better suited. When it comes to domestic or small business washers, the price issue will be the key. You have to remember that cheap devices are made of plastics, provide water with a pressure of only 200 bar and cannot work for a long time without interruptions. At the other end of the range, there are steel-framed jet chillers with aluminum or brass pumps that can run for many hours without a break. They are usually electric, but also petrol, they can reach pressures up to 2,800 bar. For the effectiveness of the devices, it is important to select accessories, i.e. nozzles and lances or the tips themselves, which can be changed depending on whether a dispersed or spot stream is needed. Broken and joined ends allow for comprehensive use of hydroblasting.

When watching streaming aggregates and looking for the right one for you, it is also worth paying attention to their accessories, in addition to power. Hydroblasting is designed to reach every nook and cranny with water, so nozzles and lances are very important and tip. Mostly, jet aggregates already have replaceable nozzles and breakable lances. In hydroblasting, the power and number of streams are important, as well as the ability to maneuver them in the right direction and at the right angle. The ability to regulate the power of the stream and its thickness will also be useful, because, for example, narrow gaps require aiming at the point, and not dispersing the water to the sides. A flat, wide jet is useful for large, flat surfaces. So you can see that smooth regulation will make hydroblasting effective.

The use of pressure pumps

Stream aggregates have a wide range of uses. They can be useful at home and in the garden, in any company, for keeping the car lane clean, for cleaning sanitary installations, working tanks and many other places where rinsing with a bucket or a garden hose will not help. But they have a serious use in hydroblasting.

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